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Easily track, share and collaborate on non-technical software decisions. 

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Keeping up with the latest tools can be difficult. Discover new trending tools and maximize the impact of your software choices. 

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Understand which tools work, and why! Jotform vs. Typeform? Airtable vs. Google Sheets? Get valuable insights as to why makers selected their tools.

Explore the Stack Decisions of Top Makers and Companies

Company A uses Webflow + Airtable + Joform. Company B uses Dorik + Zapier + Payhere. Follow top-makers and explore how they build their products. 

Why MakerStacks?

Non-technical makers are thriving but often struggle to pick the best tools for their project. As the number of low-code, no-code and business tools grow, choosing the best stack will be critical. In fact, it can be the difference between success and failure. 

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